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What makes Yum Yum Pops so Special?

Yum Yum Pops are 100% Gourmet Vegan Handcrafted Ice Pops!

Made using the finest all-natural organic ingredients. No corn syrup, no food coloring and no artificial flavors.

It is Gluten-free and Vegan. Made in small batches using all organic ingredients and local when available.

At Yum Yum Pops cares about being healthy and it is ecofriendly!

Because we are concern about the environment, we pack our pops with Biodegradable cellophane bags.


Yum Yum Pops at Winter Park/Maitland Observer

Delicious, frosty treats don’t have to be unhealthy. That’s the message that Yum Yum Pops owner and and Winter Park resident Caroline DeSormoux wants everybody to know.

Yum Yum Pops is coming to a school or public park near you with a classic old school popsicle cart and rainbow umbrella, offering children a healthy alternative to ice cream and cake.


Mulheres que fazem acontecer em Orlando

Como não ficar encantada com a história de Caroline? Boa formação, realizada profissionalmente no Brasil, veio morar em Orlando e iniciou uma nova profissão, mas trocou tudo para criar um produto saudável que faz bem para as pessoas.

No Brasil, Caroline graduou-se em Administração e fez Pós-graduação em Finanças na Fundação Dom Cabral. Antes de terminar sua formação decidiu estudar inglês em Nova York.


Birthday Parties


With local pickup or catering available, you can have Yum Yum Pops at your event.

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  • My kids love these popsicles so much! They get so excited on the days thery're offered at their school too!

    Keely Rosedale Deker
  • This is the best pops that I ever had. I love it. Specially because it is healthy! My favorite is Mango!!!

    Rossana Silva
  • Nothing better then the combination of healthy and delicious! My favorite is the watermelon-mint!

    Marissis Piccoli-Gandert
  • I can eat the lime on every day and twice on Sundays! Yummmmm

    Simone Neto
  • Yum Yum Popsicles are healthy and delicious, made with organic fruits and ingredients you can feel good about giving it to your family. And there are so many flavors to choose from! They are the best popsicles in town!

    Heila Thomas
  • We love these delicious healthy popsicles! Awesome treat!

    Katee Kramer Cooper
  • These are a healthy and tasty treat!! Quality ingredients and the kids love them too!!

    Tricia Rogero Burns
  • Pops made with love! Truly a fantastic tasty healthy treat for my kiddos

    Robert Hearn
  • The BEST healthy, flavored, vegan popsicle in the whole Orlando/Winter Park area!

    Liliam Mesquita

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